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Diplomatic Conference: Assessment of the MEB's actions

International review and economic transformation of Monaco presented at the diplomatic conference

This was the first annual meeting of the Principality's Ambassadors in person since the outbreak of the pandemic and the first for Isabelle Berro Amadei as Government Counsellor-Minister for External Relations and Cooperation. On this occasion, the Monaco Economic Board, represented by Guillaume Rose, took the floor as usual to review the actions carried out in collaboration with the Monegasque diplomatic and consular corps, both internationally and in the Principality.

Economic missions, delegation visits and "Business Destination" conferences, both virtual and face-to-face, were discussed. The program of upcoming trips for the year was also recalled, with missions planned to Canada (Montreal and Toronto), Madrid and finally Paris. 
This presentation took place in the new premises of the Interministerial Delegation in charge of the Digital Transition. Guillaume Rose, who spoke just after Frédéric Genta, supported the speech by the Interministerial Delegation in charge of the Digital Transition*, underlining the close collaboration between the two entities and the transformation of the Monegasque economy underway thanks to the Extended Monaco program. The Monaco Economic Board is a partner in this program and plays an active role in the organization of numerous events such as conferences and the Digital Workshops, training courses in the form of webinars aimed at entrepreneurs and employees in the Principality. A strong development axis alongside sustainable development, which the MEB and the Ambassadors strive to promote in their daily actions.

* recently appointed Interministerial Delegate for Attractiveness, he has become Interministerial Delegate for Attractiveness and Digital Transition; he has also been appointed Secretary General of the Strategic Council for Attractiveness.