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Five good reasons to join

Five good reasons to join

1 – Trade Missions abroad

  • MEB takes care of the logistics and agenda, taking into account the needs of each participant, for example by arranging specific meetings for them.
  • Tightly controlled budget at favourable rates.
  • Opportunity to build business networks in the host country.
  • Convivial aspect to networking that arises between companies who make the trip.
  • Positive effects in terms of image. 

2 – Welcoming foreign delegations
Developing your international network when delegations of foreign business community leaders, Chambers of Commerce and institutional bodies are hosted by the MEB.


3 – Exclusive participation or at reduced rates to events organised by our partners (courses, conferences, shows, etc.).


4 - Organisation of sector-specific committees
These groups are an opportunity for members with similar business interests to get together, discuss issues they have in common and develop proposals to present to Monegasque institutions and the Monaco Government.

Some examples:

  • Human Resources Committee
  • Public-Private Partnerships Committee

5 – Access to the Members Club on the MEB website


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