Testimonials from members


Chris Clavel, CEO & Founder

“Baccana Digital Consulting has been a member of the MEB for 9 years, and as such I've had the opportunity to take part in several business delegations abroad (a dozen or so), attend receptions for foreign delegations and take part in MEBinars organised during COVID. All this has a cost, whether it's the annual subscriptions to the MEB, the costs of virtual or on-site missions, or the expenses incurred while on mission.
I've often said that MEB was my best investment in the Principality, and the numbers don't lie. For every €1 spent on the MEB, we generated €16 in revenues, a ratio of 1600%. An unbeatable investment that continues to grow thanks to the MEB's dynamic teams. As part of a business trip to the United Arab Emirates in January 2022, MEB organised B2B meetings at the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center). It was in this context that I met the CEO of a tourist package booking platform who was looking for an online marketing consultancy partner with the knowledge of the European market that he was lacking. After initial contact and follow-up in February, we met again in Dubai during a visit by the MEB to the Dubai Yacht Show in March 2022. 
The contract was signed on this occasion and will be renewed in April 2023. Thank you to the MEB teams for making this contract possible with Dubai."


Alexandre Trueba & Thierry Cognard, Co-founders

" The Monaco Economic Board (MEB) is a pillar of Monaco's economic life and has played a major role in the integration and development of WES in Monaco.

We drew on their in-depth knowledge of the MEB network and the many Consuls posted abroad.

During an economic mission to Brazil (Sao Paulo), after we had explained WES's objectives for this trip, the MEB organised meetings with certain Brazilian stakeholders and professionals to help us definitively resolve the endemic problems linked to the complexity of Brazilian customs procedures and thus avoid regular blockages of our customers' exports."



"I'm a big fan of MEB, and I've taken part in a couple of trips that have all resulted in extremely positive business contacts or, as on our trip to China, the sale of two Business Jets.

Being introduced at the highest level, thanks to the involvement of the local consuls, the preparation and dedication of the MEB team and the punctual presence of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince Albert II opens doors to networking and gives us, the Monegasque entrepreneurs, a negotiating power that we could never obtain otherwise.

MEB meetings and organised trips also allow members to get to know each other better, creating synergies that benefit us all.

To sum up, as I've said several times, the MEB offers more than we can handle. Unfortunately, we can't take part in all the events due to lack of time..."



“Since our inception, the Monaco Economic Board (MEB) has proved to be an invaluable ally for KeeSystem. Even before we were selected by MonacoTech in 2017, we had the opportunity to take part in a trade mission to Tel Aviv thanks to the MEB. It was a rich experience, enabling us to accelerate the construction of our network and develop contacts that are essential to our growth.

More recently, we have intensified our collaboration with the MEB by taking part in various activities, including a trade mission to Austria where, thanks to the MEB's involvement, we were able to establish high-quality contacts. The MEB didn't just open doors for us, it really introduced us to the heart of the local ecosystem, a major asset for our growth.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Monaco Economic Board for its support. It is thanks to partners like the MEB that KeeSystem continues to grow and act decisively at international level.”



"Laboratoires Forté Pharma are very pleased and grateful to be working with the MEB. Their dynamism and support are a real advantage in our exchanges. The events organised by the Monaco Chamber of Commerce are a great opportunity for Forté Pharma, giving us the chance to meet the major players in Monaco's economy. It's important for us to promote "Made in Monaco" internationally through Forté Pharma. The MEB gives us the opportunity to interact with the Monegasque ecosystem, to which we are also pleased to contribute, in order to develop new relationships and potentially meet future partners."