About export services

The Monaco Economic Board International Formalities service issues and certifies several documents for companies in the Principality, enabling them to complete export formalities. These include:

  • The ATA carnet, a customs document allowing the temporary export of goods without paying customs charges or taxes. It is particularly useful for developing new markets, exhibiting at trade fairs and exhibitions or exporting professional equipment on a temporary basis for various sporting or arts events. Our service offers appointments for this process, which is carried out online using the dedicated GEFI portal.
  •  The certificate of origin, along with various commercial and administrative documents (invoice, packing list, certificate of free sale, supplier’s declaration, transport certificate, adoption documents, food product export certificates etc), for permanent exports.

The MEB can also add a compliance stamp to commercial documents, certifying that the latter comply with the applicable regulatory requirements.

Finally, it sells forms including the EUR1, DAU, ATR and other transport documents. These forms will be gradually moved to an online format.

The service is open to businesses from the Principality and can provide a variety of information about global exports and imports, export regulations, shipping and transport documents, control of goods, visa fees, product nomenclature, documents accompanying goods to third countries, country contacts in Monaco and abroad, current legislation, Incoterms, etc. 

Offices: 2 Rue de la Lüjerneta – Athos Palace – Block A – 8th floor – 98000 MONACO 

Opening hours: Monday–Friday, 9 am–12.30 pm / 2 pm–5 pm

Contact: export@meb.mc / +377 97 98 68 68