Success stories


Xavier Lamadrid, President

"We knew of the stability and security that the Principality offers its residents, workforce and companies when we founded MYA SAM. The solid institutions and professional government officials and employees are something that we continue to appreciate as our business grows.

Monaco “the Capital of Advanced Yachting” is a rich ecosystem for our activity. Many of the key players in yachting are present in the Principality and we also benefit from institutions like the Yacht Club of Monaco and Yachting Cluster which facilitate activity within the superyacht sector.

We joined the MEB to be part of a business association which went beyond our own industry. We have been impressed by how attentive, dynamic and proactive the MEB team has been with us. Their network and good relationships to other industries and key decision makers has been invaluable for us."


Hubert Terrier, CEO

“FENYX MC is a service and consulting company specialising in digital. It has been based in Monaco since February 2020.
We chose this destination because of its dynamic economy and its commitment to taking advantage of all of the technological progress associated with digital: the sovereign cloud, 5G, the digitalisation of administrative processes and so on. We offer advice on digital transformation to public organisations and businesses.

The MEB has supported and guided us since we first started setting up our business. It is a central institution within the Principality’s economic life, welcoming, supporting and advising businesses which want to establish themselves in Monaco.
It is also one of the key drivers of entrepreneurship in Monaco, allowing businesses to network, learn and prosper under optimum conditions.”



“In 2021, we founded Riviera Fine Art, an expert business in Monaco, Our goal was to share our experience of the art market on the Côte d’Azur with those who did not have all the keys to understand it nor the time to devote to seeking out collectors’ pieces.

How can we help people to be better collectors and learn more about the art and jewellery market?

In addition to personalised assistance with purchasing and selling works of art and the commission of custom-made jewellery, we have an online shop featuring a selection of items.

To help us, the Monaco Economic Board introduced us to the best contacts, enabling us to improve our visibility. Through participating in events organised by the MEB, we are able to meet with the most important representatives of the business community. ”


Nicolas Cappelaere, CEO

"Established in Monaco since early 2016, Santé Natura specialises mainly in the sale of online “premium” natural health products for athletes, STC NUTRITION with AFNOR standard anti-doping NF V94-001 certification.

More than 40% of our turnover is generated in Europe as far as Russia, and being here in Monaco is a real plus, as we have noticed through our customer satisfaction questionnaires that Monaco is not only world-renowned but has a very strong image of conscientiousness, confidence and quality.

We have also had the opportunity to discover all the MEB team’s initiatives to promote companies based in Monaco, which confirmed we had made the right decision to come here, as well as boosting our premium image with customers."


Fardi Mohamed, Founder and CEO

"I had the pleasure of meeting Justin in London a few years ago. He invited me to Monaco where I met the MEB team who believed in us and introduced me to the business opportunities that Monaco represents for foreign companies and also introduced me to my first client in the Principality. Thanks to the informative support of MEB, I quickly understood that Monaco has a unique ecosystem for companies with huge business opportunities.

I have since set up my own company in Monaco and it is going better than I expected.

I can't thank the MEB team enough, which has always been very proactive and supportive.

Today, I am delighted and proud to be a member of the MEB and I would recommend it without hesitation to any company or start-up looking to make its mark in Monaco."


Aubéry Audion, CEO


“Monaco has become a key destination in the world and with each passing day is further consolidating its position as a luxury destination. It was obvious to me the Richard Mille firm needed to be associated with it. Through our international events, particularly the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monaco is an ideal synergy for the brand’s DNA. Precision engineering, technical excellence, Richard Mille represents one of the biggest names in watchmaking.

Invest Monaco has contributed to the success of Richard Mille Monaco’s development by introducing synergies / collaborations from the very heart of the business community and international players here in the Principality.”