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Missions and organisation

Missions and organisation


Monaco Invest, one of the two departments of the Monaco Economic Board, aims to contribute to the promotion and economic attractiveness of the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco Invest's main missions are to promote the Monegasque territory, its economy and its sectors of excellence on international markets and to facilitate the establishment of new and foreign companies in its territory.

The department offers investors a full range of services to discover Monaco, a leading, innovative and international territory and ensure the best success in the installation of their entities and teams. It is the place of study and consultation on subjects that contribute to the development and economic attractiveness of the Principality of Monaco. An important aspect of its role is to work closely with the Monaco Government, and in particular the Welcome Office, to assist with the setting up process.


Inform, counsel and accompany foreign investors in the Principality

Monaco Invest facilitates and accompanies the decision-making of foreign investors throughout the business project by mobilizing its advisors and its network of partners.


Promote the attractiveness and the economic image of the Principality, its companies and its territories

Monaco Invest ensures the image of the image and the economic attractiveness of the Principality of Monaco abroad. 

The department proposes and implements a strategy to promote the Principality of Monaco, its companies and talents, and leads networks of influence on the economic and international level.


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Director: Justin Highman

Project Assistant: Fanni MERCS 

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