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A successful premiere in Portugal

On Wednesday 8 January, MEB organized a promotion operation for the first time in Protugal for potential investors at the Palacio Sottomayor in Lisbon under the aegis of the Embassy of Monaco in Portugal and in partnership with PwC Portugal.

H.E.Menrique de Polignac de Barros, Ambassador of Monaco to Portugal as well as Miguel Marques, Partner PwC Portugal and Jaime Esteves, Partner PwC Portugal were present and opened the discussions. The MEB highlighted the Principality's many economic assets in front of a select audience of Portuguese and South American (especially Brazilian) entrepreneurs and family offices who came to the Blue Economy Conference organized by PwC Portugal. During this presentation, Pieter Abts, a MEB member, shared his successful experience of setting up a family business and creating a family office activity in Monaco almost ten years ago. A testimony as a conclusion for a successful and promising first operation.