A Tunisian delegation visits the Principality for a high-level Forum


As part of the 4th Monegasque-Tunisian Bilateral Foreign Affairs Commission organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Monaco Economic Board (MEB), in partnership with the Fédération des Entreprises Monégasques (FEDEM), organised the welcoming of a Tunisian delegation. 
It was led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad, Mr Nabil Ammar, accompanied by the leaders of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts (UTICA), an association that has won nothing less than the Nobel Peace Prize. 

At the request of the Prince's Government, the Monaco Economic Board enthusiastically accepted the idea of hosting a delegation from UTICA, a long-standing partner since it was in Tunisia in 1999 that the MEB carried out its very first trade mission, and others have followed since, most recently in 2017 when a cooperation agreement was signed.

In her welcoming speech, Mrs Isabelle Berro Amadei, Government Counsellor - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, spoke of the concrete actions carried out by Monegasque cooperation, welcoming the fact that "Monaco can contribute to building a value chain for the processing of products made in Tunisia". An agreement was also signed during the day by the two governments to support vocational training.

For his part, the Tunisian Minister, Mr Nabil Ammar, welcomed the holding of this forum as a complement to the Bilateral Commission, an opportunity "to explore new business opportunities", hoping "that it will ensure that Tunisia is well placed on the radar of Monaco's companies".

The various representatives of the organising economic bodies, Guillaume Rose for the MEB, Philippe Ortelli for the FEDEM and the President of the UTICA, Mr Samir Majoul, then took turns to put into perspective the obvious common interest in stepping up trade between the two countries.

The Principality of Monaco lacks square metres and sometimes struggles to attract all the talent it needs. But Tunisia, just an hour and a half from Nice airport, is ideally placed to act as a relay point for Monegasque companies and as a platform for their development in Africa. In addition to industry, which already has a local presence - Bruno Pariset, CEO of coffee machine manufacturer Conti, told the forum of his satisfaction at having worked with Tunisia for decades - service sectors such as accountancy and information technology could also benefit from Tunisia's competitive, skilled and French-speaking workforce.

The delegation from UTICA, which brings together the chambers of commerce and the federation of Tunisian business unions, was made up of high-level entrepreneurs representing their respective sectors.

After bilateral presentations, they were able to meet MEB member companies already working with Tunisia or with new ambitions at a networking buffet. Exchanging business cards, discussions and conviviality created an atmosphere conducive to future collaborations. A further step towards a long-term relationship based on friendship and trust.


Isabelle Berro Amadei, Government Counsellor - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (© MEB)