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Jean-Pierre Petit delivers optimistic interpretation of the crisis

Due to the health crisis, the Chairman of Cahiers Verts de l’Economie gave his analysis of the global economic situation by videoconference, as well as valuable tips on how to better understand the present and anticipate the future,. Held in partnership with Ascoma Jutheau Husson for the third year in a row, the talk was followed ‘live’ by more than 100 delegates on 18 September and is available for replay on the MEB’s website.  

During his talk, Jean-Pierre Petit was quite optimistic, notably in his analysis of health data and the much talked about second wave. On a macroeconomic level there was “good news and bad news”. While admitting the wide-ranging impact of Covid-19, Jean-Pierre Petit does not believe it calls global capitalism into question. As for the recovery spike after lockdown was lifted, in his opinion it should become established despite health crisis restrictions. 

The Cahiers Verts’ Chairman also addressed topics he is known to have quite strong opinions on, such as the debt States carry, the European Union and the American situation. 

A Q&A session followed his concluding analysis of the markets (bullish correction to come and absence of a technical bubble despite excessive concentration). 


Taking advantage of the event’s virtual format, Jean-Pierre Petit produced a very high level presentation, restoring a measure of confidence in the future among entrepreneurs in the Principality, which can be viewed / viewed again HERE.