Monaco hosts Economic Development Board Mauritius to explore synergies


A delegation of Mauritian entrepreneurs led by the Economic Development Board (EDB) Mauritius, in partnership with the Republic of Mauritius Embassy in France were in Monaco on Tuesday 21 March. It was a promising first meeting for businesses in the two countries that bodes well for the future.

The Business Forum began with bilateral presentations so that both countries could learn more about the other’s business ecosystem. For the Monegasques, a big attraction is the economic potential of Mauritius with its vast maritime area extending across numerous other islands that are integrated into the Republic.

With a diverse population of 1.3 million people at a crossroads of South Asian, African and European cultures, it’s not surprising that Mauritius is open to the world with English and French-speakers alongside each other. A stable democratic regime has enabled the economy to develop in sectors such as tourism, finance, real estate, industry, new technology and sea-related activities. Since 2020, Mauritius has been classified by the World Bank as a “high income” country, the highest category in that ranking.

Sachin Mohabeer, Deputy Director General EDB Mauritius and Heerun Ghurburrun, Business Affairs and Investment Advisor at the Republic of Mauritius Embassy in France, took pains to highlight the many opportunities for synergies between the two countries which share obvious commonalities.

Some companies in the Principality are already doing business. Patrick Lecoy, CEO/founder of MEB member company, EAD, specialising in international business support, testified to the quality of their Mauritian partners and the many opportunities, conquering new markets in East and South Africa being high on any wish list. Mauritian entrepreneur David Martial spoke of his company’s successful experience working with Monaco.

The rest of the day comprised informal meetings between the Mauritian visitors, mainly working in real estate, and the Monegasques. Later, delegation leaders met Michel Gramaglia, the Mauritian Honorary Consul in Monaco and those in charge of CEMA (Club des Entrepreneurs Monégasques en Afrique) accompanied by Monaco Economic Board (MEB) Deputy Director General, Justin Highman. It was a chance to discuss future activities to strengthen economic ties between the two countries. 

➢ Photos (photo credits 1,2,3: MEB / Carte Blanche)

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l-r: Jean-Marc Proceddu, CEMA Treasurer; Sachin Mohabeer, Deputy Director General EDB Mauritius; Justin Highman, Deputy Director General MEB; Heerun Ghurburrun, Business Affairs and Investment Advisor at Republic of Mauritius Embassy in France; Patrick Lecoy, CEO and founder of EAD; David Martial, CEO of Anahita Estates Ltd